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I Prefer Girls


Here is a mix of female-based music I discovered hiding on my computer. Most of the tracks were recorded directly from the artists’ Myspace page whilst on an epic internet/Myspace hunt sometime over the summer. Many of the musicians were unsigned at the time. The music is predominantly dreamy/ambient-type things – I guess – but there are a few folk/guitar-based songs too. The tracks are unlabelled. I’ve decided to put out the mix without artist or track names. I quite like the idea of people judging the songs on the basis of the music-alone and not what country they’re from, what genre they’ve been assigned too or what they look like on myspace. Hope there’s something on there you enjoy. Barney x


1. LadyNumber1
2. LadyNumber2
3. LadyNumber3
4. LadyNumber4
5. LadyNumber5
6. LadyNumber6
7. LadyNumber7
8. LadyNumber8
9. LadyNumber9
10. LadyNumber10
11. LadyNumber11
12. LadyNumber12
13. LadyNumber13
14. LadyNumber14
15. LadyNumber15
16. LadyNumber16
17. LadyNumber17
18. LadyNumber18
19. LadyNumber19
20. LadyNumber20
21. LadyNumber21

Download Here.


Mixtape of War-time Inspired 40’s Music

War Posters

By Barney Brown…dedicated to Nanny Toghill.

1. Vera Lynn – We’ll Meet Again
2. The Swingettes, Jack Hylton and his Orchestra – One, two, button your shoe
3. Anne Ziegler and Western Booth – We’ll Gather Lilacs
4. Glenn Miller – Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree
5. Sam Browne – They Can’t Black Out the Moon
6. Norman Long – Where Does Poor Pa Go in the Blackout
7. Two Le Slies – The Washing on the Siegried Line
8. The Andrew Sisters – The Beer Barrel Polka
9. Joe Loss – Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition
10. Hutch – This is Worth Fighting For
11. Elsie Carlisle – Please Leave My Butter Alone
12. Vera Lynn – White Cliffs of Dover

Download here

Lost but Recovered


This mix is a best of the ‘Recovery’ 7″ vinyl box set released by Fractured Recordings, selected by Barney Brown. More information available here.

1. Alva Noto – Planet Rock
2. Matmos – C 30 C 60 C 90 Go!
3. Christian Fennesz – Hunting High and Low
4. People Like Us and Ergo Phizmiz – Mull of Kintyre
5. Johann Johannsson – Souvenir
6. Mika Vainio – Running up that Hill
7. Jenny Hoyston – Dream Tree
8. Robert Lippock – Freedom!
9. Ryoji Ikeda – Back in Black
10. Carter Tutti – Lucifer Sam