Journey Through A Wet Patch


01 Volcano the Bear – She Vang Moon
02 Why – Seventeen
03 Captain Beefheart – Apes Ma
04 A Hawk and a Hacksaw – Pastelka on The Train
05 The Books – Don’t Even Sing About it
06 Nick Cave and Warren Ellis – Queenie’s Suite
07 Tin Hat Trio – Old Grey mare
08 John Fahey – View East from the B and O Railroad Viaduct and the Riggs Railroad Intersection
09 Jack Rose – Flirting with the Undertaker
10 Sister Rosetta Tharpe – Didn’t it Rain (Live at the Free Trade Hall Manchester 1957)
11 Sun Ra – Astro Black
12 Quasimoto – Astro Black
13 Half Cousin – Kdk-12
14 Alice Coltrane – Galaxy In Satchidananda
15 Micall Parknsun – Dunya (My World)
16 Madlib – Dark Alley Incidental Music
17 Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band – The Thousnath and Tenth Day of The Human Totem Pole
18 Fulborn Taversham – Beachtune
19 Ruins – Muojimbog
20 Hella – Been a Long Time Cousin
21 Deerhoof – Kidz are so Small
22 Daniel Johnston – Like A Monkey In A Zoo

Compiled by Mantis Boy Download


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